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Relax and Meditate — Take a Complimentary Guided On-Line Session with Mind Coach

mind coach
Mind Coach is the ultimate guided online meditation developed by Meditainment, a company I  have written about previously.

The folks at Meditainment combine multimedia along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to present guided experiences into mind and consciousness. They offer a variety of services but their “ultimate” experience is Mind Coach.

Mind Coach uses AI to create a unique guided experience which might be energizing, relaxing or meditative depending upon you state at the moment. Except for a very short while when I fist reviewed this innovative feature, Mind Coach was a premium service and so you had to pay.

I got an email from Richard at Meditainment offering people free sessions with Mind Coach for a limited time. Here are two links to access Mind Coach.

This link takes you to the introductory screen where you can choose to use Mind Coach on Facebook or using Mind Coach without having to be on Facebook.

 This link takes you right to the Mind Coach session not using Facebook at all.

Here is an excerpt from my original review of Mind Coach which was then called MediHeaven:

They offer a free visit which they promise will take only take about 20 to 25 minutes. I have enjoyed the Secret Garden experience and so took a break.

The production level of MediHeaven was noticeably better than the previous offering, starting with a clever Flash introduction which is easily bypassed bringing you to the entry portal.

When you enter MediHeaven, you are greeted by the Mind Coach who asks simple questions about the way you feel and the things you want with a distinctively English accent. Then based on the answers to your questions,  she then guides you  on what can only be described as  relaxing, extremely pleasant and satisfying experience of imagination..

After you complete the experience, you are asked how you feel now. It was amazing how much of my stress and tension had melted away during the session.

So if you are sitting at this moment and feel stressed or tired or in need of meditative balance. I suggest you give Mind Coach a try (before they start charging for it again).

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